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Our research interests are primarily in the field of organic and polymer chemistry and involve the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of fluorophore, small therapeutically active molecules and chemically defined carriers, nanomedicine and biosensing. Examples include ultrastable NIR absorbing rye dyes for site-selective labeling of proteins in living cells, pharmaceutical carriers for immunoassays of cancer and bioorthogonal modification of therapeutic peptides and proteins.


Understanding of what happens when a therapeutic molecule enters the cell and its intracellular faith, can lead to a better design of future therapeutics, therefore the synthesis and utilization of fluorophores play a central part in our research focus. Other questions that are most important to us are that of a single biomolecule. Most recently, we have been working on biocompatible polymeric carriers for siRNA in immunotherapy of cancer and for the treatment of inflammation related diseases. We are looking to identify specific functional groups that enable organ- specific delivery of macromolecules and active substances, such as cytotoxic drugs.