Davide Botteri

Davide Botteri
PhD Researcher
Davide Botteri
+49 3641 9-48793
+49 3641 9-48792
Technikum Optik, Room 2,01
Lessingstraße 8
07743 Jena

Davide Botteri was born in Pavia (Italy). He graduated in chemistry in University of Pavia under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Angelo Albini with a B.Sc. thesis on the role of lipid peroxides in photodynamic therapy and with a M.Sc. thesis on palladium mediated C-H activation for the synthesis of biologically active compounds in collaboration with Dr. M.Virelli, Prof. Dr. G. Zanoni (University of Pavia) and Prof. Dr. Ackermann (University of Göttingen). Davide joined in the PhD program of the University of Jena under the supervision of Prof. Dr. K. Peneva. His research mainly focuses on the synthesis of water soluble biocompatible near infrared fluorophores as contrast agents in fluorescence image guided surgery. Davide actively joined collaborations in biology and medicine in Sapienza University of Rome (Dr. A. Picchetto and Prof. Dr. D’Ambrosio) and University of Edinburgh (Prof. Dr. M. Vendrell). His research is also moving toward applications in medical photoacoustic imaging and environmental technology. Davide is supported by a Carl Zeiss fellowship, he loves water color art, nature and sports like athletics and middle distance running.

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